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Child Protection


Mansfield Triathlon Club is fully committed to protecting and safeguarding young people.  As a British Triathlon affiliated club, we follow British Triathlon's policies and procedures on child protection.  You can read these here.

Useful pages on the British Triathlon website include;



If you have any questions regarding child protection, contact our Club Welfare Officer


You can also download below our parent/guardian photo consent form.  In order for the Club to use photos or video of young people, consent is required from the parent or guardian of the athlete, and if the young person is over 12, by the young person themselves.


Consent Form Download Now...




You can download the Mansfield Triathlon Club Governance Document here.


Code of Conduct

We beleive that our club's success is built on respect.  The code of conduct below set out the expectations the Club has for both juniors and their parents.  We expect juniors and parents to both follow these codes and also to sign up to them.


Code of Conduct for Junior Members


Code of Conduct for Parents

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