Committee & Coaches

At Mansfieldtri Club we aim to promote and encourage members in enjoying and being involved in and participating in the sport of triathlon. Our committee currently consists of:


Chair - Hannah Shooter

Secretary - Debs Kerry

Treasurer - Lorraine Garvey

Press Officer - Seamus Allison

Quartermaster - Chris Shooter

Welfare Officer - Carolyn Alcock

Deputy Welfare Officer - Katy Wilson

Head Coach - Vacant

Webmaster - Katy Wilson

Club Member - Vacant

Junior Committee Member - Vacant

Junior section rep- Russell Sault

Our current Coaching Team consists of:

Claire Allison - Level 2 Triathlon coach
Seamus Allison - Level 2 Triathlon & Level 2 British Cycling coach

Hannah Shooter - Level 2 Triathlon Coach

Russell Sault - Level 2 British Cycling coach

John Tansley - Level 1 Triathlon coach

Emily Alcock - Level 1 Triathlon coach

Victoria Castle - Level 1 Triathlon coach

Sarah Allen - Level 1 Triathlon coach (trainee)


We're currently affiliated with Triathlon England and British Cycling