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Club Rules

The Rules & Regulations of the Mansfield Triathlon Club




  • ‘the club’ means Mansfield Triathlon Club. This may be abbreviated at times to Mansfield Tri Club.

  • ‘the Association’ means Triathlon England

  • ‘member’ means a member of Mansfield Triathlon Club.

  • ‘application to the club’ means in writing to the Secretary.

  • ‘the committee’ means the Chair, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Webmaster, the Quartermaster, the Club Welfare Officer, the Press Secretary, Junior Section Chair, plus 2 members of the club named as committee members,

  • ‘intermediate meeting’ a meeting other than the AGM.



  • A person shall become a member and be entitled to the benefits of that membership upon receipt of an application to the club. The applicant shall be notified of the success of his / hers application within 7 days by the Secretary.

  • Those persons who are a member of the club at the time of the agreement of these rules, are deemed to be members of the club.

  • A member shall accept the rules and regulations of the club.

  • Amendment 14.10.13; A member shall pay to the Treasurer the membership fee appropriate at the time per calendar year.

  • Fees will be paid annually as per the structure below:












  • Amendment 14.10.13; Family membership shall only be available to cohabiting adults, plus any off their children living at the same address. It is also available to one or both parents if the adults have separated and live at different addresses if their eligible children live with one of their parents. Any foster children shall also be eligible to be included.

  • A member shall not bring the name and reputation of the club into disrepute. If a member is reported to any other member of the club for having done so, or a member reports same to the Secretary, then the Secretary shall prepare a report regarding the allegation for the committee who shall consider the allegation and make a decision regarding the action that should be taken. That member shall be allowed to see a copy of the report prior to the committee making a decision and shall be permitted to make representation to each member of the committee.

  • Amendment 17.1.05; before joining any bicycle ride organised by the club and / or by its members, members are required to have attained a level of competence on the bicycle, equal to that expected of a cyclist who would not cause a risk or danger to him or herself or any other cyclist, or any other road user on any such ride. All members shall act courteously to fellow riders and other road users, shall understand the Highway Code and act responsibly and safely in all respects of the highway. The club reserves the right to refuse a member to join a cycle ride if it is deemed by the group that that person could or may prejudice the safety of him or herself, other members or other road users.

  • The wearing of an approved cycle helmet during both cycle training and cycle racing sessions is compulsory (ANSI Z90.4, SNELL B90, EN 1078 or equivalent national standard).

Triathlon England

  • The club shall abide by the rules and regulations required of it as an affiliated club.

  • A member does not have to be affiliated to Triathlon England

  • Annually, the secretary shall obtain from the treasurer such resource as required to allow the secretary to affiliate the club to Triathlon England.



  • Once a year, the secretary shall organise and call an Annual General Meeting which shall agree the accounts, agree forthcoming subscription costs and select a committee for the forthcoming year.

  • Matters presented to the meeting for agreement must be voted upon by those present. Majority decision will count.

  • As appropriate, the Secretary and / or any member of the committee may organise and call for a meeting other than the AGM. This shall be subject to 14 days notice and is subject to attendance by at least 4 members. All members must vote on matters put to the committee even if they do not attend. Non attendance vote may be by telephone, e mail or by post.

  • At each AGM, officers shall be elected or re-elected. Those wishing to stand for election shall inform the secretary upon notification of the AGM, no less than 5 days before the date of the AGM. The person presently occupying the position in question shall deem to be standing for re-election unless a similar notification to that above to the contrary is received by the secretary. If more than one person is standing for election for any particular position, then those present at the meeting shall vote. The vote shall be a secret vote which shall be carried out at the meeting.

  • The committee shall consist of those persons described under the heading ‘definitions’ above.

  • Decisions taken at any such committee meetings shall be notified to all members within 14 days.

  • It is expected that an intermediate meeting shall be called and held regarding such matters as would affect the club in its function, aspiration and constitution.

  • Those matters deemed serious enough as to warrant whole club involvement (such as the demise of the club, change of name, colours etc.), shall involve communication with all members before the intermediate meeting, but all members will not attend. The decision of the committee will be final.



Clothing shall be yellow and red top with black shorts.


End of the Club

The club shall cease to exist if;

  • So decided by 75% majority of the members of the club.

  • By agreement if member numbers (x membership fee) and financial resource is inadequate to meet the needs to pay Triathlon England for the club’s annual subscription and insurance.

  • The club fails to be affiliated to Triathlon England.

  • The Club’s financial assets in case of the club’s demise shall be donated to a charity to be determined by the remaining club members.


Amendments to the rules

The club reserves the right to revise or add-to the rules subject to approval by the committee.

Est. Nov 2002 These rules have been written and presented to the club’s annual general meeting 10th November 2014.


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