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Michelle Willcocks wins Nottinghamshire Amateur Sportsperson of the Year

6 Dec 2017

Mansfield Triathlon Club’s Michelle Willcocks has been crowned the Nottinghamshire Amateur sportsperson of the year, following a Champagne reception and award ceremony held at the East Midlands Conference Centre! The accolade follows an outstanding run of achievements over the last two years, which include one European gold medal, two European silver medals and, six British and National gold medals.

Although an incredible achievement in itself, Michelle’s success is even the more noteworthy considering she had major life-changing abdominal surgery as a result of being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. Undeterred, she has used this to renew her determination to succeed in her sport.

Michelle said: “I’m thrilled to accept this reward and I’m really keen to get the message out there that having an ostomy need not be a barrier to leading a full life. I had some very tough competition for the award and my congratulations to the very worthy runners up Chloe Adcock and Maria Tsaptsinos for their own achievements.”

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